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Real Estate Deal Closers with Anette Talie's Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Truth is most businesses fail. They don't fail because the entrepreneur isn't working hard enough and they don't fail because they've got bad products or services. Most businesses fail simply because they can't get enough customers. 

Our guest, developed a simple system to get your message in front of your ideal...

Mar 19, 2021

Coming as a foreign student to the US, Hendra & Mercy earned their degree from San Francisco State University. After graduation, Hendra has worked in Pre-IPO startups, Fortune 50, and Big 4 corporations while Mercy worked in the hospitality industry and successfully operated multiple restaurants.

After investing in...

Mar 12, 2021

Chat is a native of the Philippines who migrated to Los Angeles at the age of 23, armed with a hundred dollars and a degree in accounting and a fearless drive to pursue the American dream. Three weeks later, she landed at Dunn & Bradstreet as a Trust Accountant and remained there eleven years.

She opened her own...

Mar 5, 2021

Tim is an active duty Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy and has been serving his country for 14 years. Now stationed on shore duty in Pensacola, Florida, he is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate and helping others realize their financial freedom goals!

Tim has been...